Thursday, February 2, 2017

Arizona real estate contract

Guess what day it is? You might have said trash day but that's not the only answer. Today is the day when the seller warranted items have officially been removed from the AAR purchase contract. There are also several other changes to the contract but the warranted items section is by far the biggest change.

What are seller warranted items? I'm glad you asked...Seller warrants and shall maintain and repair the premises so that at the earlier of possession or COE :"all heating, cooling, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems (including swimming pool and/or spa, motors, filter systems, cleaning systems and heaters, if any), free-standing range/oven, and built-in appliances will be in working condition". Per the old contract you were obligated to fix something deemed a warranted item unless the contract incorporated the as-is addendum.

Why did the warranted items get yanked from the contract? Because beyond the obvious things like a electrical outlet that doesn't work or a burner on a stove not working, it was almost impossible to get everyone to agree on what a warranted item is.

What does this mean for sellers now? Sellers are no longer obligated to fix something that was a warranted item like a leaky tub faucet. What does this mean for buyers now? It means you can still ask for what was once a warranted item to be fixed but the seller doesn't have to fix the item. Pro tip: you catch more bees with honey, so if a seller wants to sell and a buyer wants to buy, it's best to work together and get to a place where everyone is happy when it comes to repairs.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Final walk-through

You’ve found your dream home and negotiated an offer the seller couldn’t refuse, gotten the inspection over with and all the paperwork is ready to go. So, what happens next?

The next step, before close of escrow and moving into your new home, is completing the final walk-through to make sure the property’s condition hasn’t changed since your last visit or a repair item or terms in the contract are met. Come prepared with your contract for reference. Most importantly, give yourself enough time to scope everything out.

Here are a few things to add to your final walk-through checklist

-Check to make sure any of the negotiated repairs have been made. The final walk-through is the best time to address any last-minute issues or concerns.

-Check all major appliances that are remaining such as the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. and are working.

-Test a few outlets. The easiest way to do that is to bring your phone charger and plug in your phone to see if the outlets work.

-Check that all areas are ‘broom clean’ and all debris is removed

-Turn on the faucets

-Test the garage door

-Flush the toilets

-Ensure all fixtures are present

-Spot check the ceilings, windows and doors.

-Look around the exterior

Food for thought:
Don’t wait until closing day to complete your walk-through; and most importantly, be sure to have your agent with you on-sight to address any questions or concerns that you may have. They will guide you through every step of the home buying process.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Items to store when selling your home

I'm not sure the word ''hide'' is the best terminology to use when it comes to a real estate transaction. Some good advice on things to ''put away'' though. I always help my sellers on what items to store before taking pictures so we are ready to hit the market on day one.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Vacant listings and flips

I let the experts in the inspection field determine if the home is sound or not but it's nice to have the flipping experience I've picked up over the years because sometimes it's easy to spot if a home is simply ''lipstick on a pig'' remodeled.

Here is a great article from

Friday, September 30, 2016

Sellers on Real Estate Disclosures - Phoenix Real Estate

Sellers may feel hesitant to reveal any problems with their home, afraid they’ll scare off buyers. But here’s a warning for sellers: They may land in legal trouble if they fail to disclose.

Sellers should disclose any known facts about the physical condition of the property, any previous maintenance/repairs, existence of dangerous materials or conditions, lawsuits or pending matters that may affect the value of the property, and any other factors that may influence a buyer’s decision.

It is much better to lose a buyer by clearly disclosing all known issues than it is to spend two years and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Let's face it, if you loose a buyer over a past maintenance issue, it wasn't the home for them anyway. A week after you sell, the neighbors are going to be catching the new owners up on everything they know and maybe a little more. It's best to disclose everything up front. In all my years of selling real estate, I've never known anyone that got into trouble for over disclosing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things to do in Phoenix

13th Annual Arizona State Fair
Now - Thu. 10/30, times vary
Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix
This annual event features carnival rides,
exhibits, concerts by major acts and much
more info   map

Little Bunny's Halloween
Fri. 10/17, 10am
Great Arizona Puppet Theater, Phoenix

The perfect puppet show for little folks at
Halloween, with lots of sing a longs and great
more info   map

14th Annual Taste of the Town
Fri. 10/17, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Scottsdale Quarter
Guests can dress to impress for an evening of
dancing, drinks, and delicious food, all while
helping the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

more info   map

Fall Plant Sale
Fri. 10/17 - Sun. 10/19, times vary
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
A one-stop shopping experience featuring the
largest variety of arid-adapted plants available
in one place.

more info   map

Music in the Garden Fall Concert Series
Fri. 10/17, 7pm
Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
This week features Turning Point: performing
jazz/fusion. Includes Garden admission.
more info   map

Bites 'n' Brews Croft Beer Festival
Sat. 10/18, 1pm
CityScape Phoenix
Sample craft beers while enjoying DJ music,
seminars, and outdoor music. $25-$75
more info   map   

Arizona Taco Festival
Sat. 10/18 - Sun. 10/19, 11am-7pm
Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale
Be treated to live bands, Lucha Libre wrestling
shows, chef demos, contests, and $2 tacos. $12
more info     map 
MIMFest: Global Music Festival
Sat. 10/18 - Sun. 10/19, 10am-5pm
Musical Instrument Museum
A two-day music festival set against the
backdrop of the stunning Arizona desert,
celebrating musical traditions and cultures
around the world.
more info   map Halloween at Hogwarts -
The Phoenix Symphony

Sun. 10/19, 2:30pm-4pm
Symphony Hall, Phoenix
Featuring the music of Harry Potter. Dress as
your favorite wizard, sorcerer, or other Hogwarts
favorite and delight in preconcert activities.
more info   map

Friday, October 10, 2014

Things to do in Phoenix

Arizona State Fair

Fri. 10/10 - Sat. 11/01, times vary
Arizona State Fairgrounds, Phoenix
This annual event features carnival rides,
exhibits, concerts by major acts and much
more info   map
Arsenic and Old Lace
Fri. 10/10, 7:30pm & Sun. 10/12, 2pm Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix

The Play, a clever combination of the farcical 
and the macabre, centers around two elderly
sisters whoa are famous in their Brooklyn

The Individual World Poetry Slam
Fri. 10/10, 12pm-11pm & Sat. 10/11, 10am-7pm
Roosevelt Row, Phoenix
Enjoy local favorites along with lauded
wordsmiths from all over the country.
more info   map

PoeFest 2014
Fri. 10/10 - Sat. 10/11, 8pm
Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix
The Arizona Curriculum Theater brings the
historic hotel to life with readings, and shriek-
inducing authenticity.
more info   map

Scottsdale International Film Festival
Fri. 10/10 - Mon. 10/13, times vary
Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
The Scottsdale International Film Festival will
feature over 50 films.

more info   map

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Fri. 10/10 - Sat. 10/11, 7:30pm

John Paul Theatre, Phoenix
In this dramatic comedy, a charming rogue
named Randle McMurphy contrives to serve a
short sentence in a mental institution rather than
go to prison.
more info   map   

Greater Phoenix Greek Festival
Fri. 10/10 - Sun. 10/12, times vary
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Phoenix
This festival is an opportunity to share in the rich
history, culture, and culinary delights of Greece.

more info     map 
Octoberfest at Salt Fiver Fields
Sat. 10/11, 10am-10pm
Salt River Fields, Scottsdale
Enjoy one of the Valley's biggest celebrations
with activities for the whole family, great food,
live music and more.

more info   map

31st Annual Native American Connections
Parade Phoenix

Sat. 10/11, 9am-11am
3rd St. & Oak heading to Indian Steele Park
The parade is produced by Native American
Connections and features nearly 100 entries.

more info   map